VIVA HAVANA! Un enorme agradecimiento a todos !

A huge thank-you to everyone who joined us for this unforgettable event!

After what has been a hard, hot summer, it was quite overwhelming to see all the joyful faces, guests sporting their very best Havana costumes and the fruits of many months of planning and preparation by our amazing tasting room team. These special memories will carry us through until next year.  

Viva Havana! 2022 Select PhotosMore photos from the event

Our Sunday began with Chef Ivan arriving at 5am to roast in pitch darkness, preparing the pig on a fire spit along with his many famous Cuban dishes. 

On the terrace, the 6-person Latin band set the Havana tone with their amazing sound.

Farm-to-table style seating offered great views of the vines and Syrah grapes waiting patiently for the perfect time to harvest.

Dancers with their spectacular feather costumes got us all up on the terrace dancing Salsa.  Everybody up on their feet, what a scene! 

Paired wines included several delicious upcoming releases, and the special sparkling-wine-in-a-coconut cocktails Christine dreamed up sold out way too fast.  

Salud !

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