Music in a bottle

Music in a Bottle

Here at La Mesa we are passionate about all things music and wine related. So much so that we wanted to find a way to truly link local music to the wine tasting experience and to form a deeper connection between the two. This means going far beyond just hosting local musicians for our Live Music on the Terrace program.


La Mesa winemaker and owner Côme comes from a very musical family. His mother was a piano teacher most of her career and his grandfather was a fiddler. Côme learned the violin and trumpet and considered a musical career, but instead he went into engineering/business although continued to play the trumpet in college and business school with various classical ensembles, blues bands and Broadway-type shows. He fostered a love for music in his children. His son Ben, dabbled in musical theater and vocals. Daughter Katherine started piano at the age of 3 and continues to play professionally today. She also developed her vocals in community theater, private coaching and various choral activities in school. She went on to complete a degree at Berklee College of Music in Sound Production & Engineering where she graduated a year early and Magna Cum Laude. She is now a rising recording artist under the name Derivakat, with over a million monthly listeners and an extensive repertoire of music she released and continues to build. She lives in San Francisco and collaborates with artists around the world on her recordings.

Bringing Music to our Community

Besides music, Côme’s other passion is wine. Over the last 10 years, he has not only planted unique varietals, built La Mesa’s winery and opened up a beautiful tasting room, but he has handcrafted some exceptional wines. He primarily focuses on French Rhône and Italian varietals paying homage to his European heritage. One of the latest wine releases, Aria, is a little more special than the others. He wanted this wine to be symbolic of his love of music. Aria in musical terms refers to an elaborate vocal solo usually found within an Opera. It also means “air” in Italian. Aria is our new Sparkling Primitivo Rosé made using the French “méthode champenoise” style. This wine is light and airy, perfectly expressed by the word Aria.

Why do we love music at La Mesa? Because music is good for the soul. Music heals you, gives you hope and inspiration. It makes you appreciate life and that is what La Mesa is all about. Great wines and great music go so well together.

Proudly partnering with Sophie's Place

This year we are supporting Sophie’s Place at Sutter Health Children’s Center in Sacramento, which uses music therapy to help pediatric patients and their families. We will be donating $5 of each bottle of Aria purchased in the tasting room towards this exceptional program.

Aria Sparkling 2021

Sophie's Place

Learn more about Sophie's Place at the Sutter Health web site.

Visit the Sophie's Place site

Donate to Sophie's Place

Inspiring lyrics from a favorite song that resonates so well with our music program:

Music holds the secret
To know it can make you whole
It's not just a game of notes,
It's the sound inside your soul
The magic of the melody
Runs through you like a stream
The notes that play flow through your head
Like a dream...
I sing this song for common man
For the people in despair
I bring my song into the world
And I sing it everywhere
The simple truth lies waiting here
For everyone to share
So hold on, I will take you there
Hold on and I will take you there.

Triumph - Hold on to Your Dreams

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